Rua de bombeiros Voluntarios de Elvas, Elvas 7350-111 , Portugal



I love the good things in live, so also long and cozy dining, but I also love pure and healthy food.

Pure food does not need to be boring or tasteless, it is pure enjoyment!

I used to be addicted to bread and convenience foods. Until the day I started cooking for my kids. Fruits and vegetables were more important as the start of each day. After a few months became also clear that both are lactose intolerant. I have tried many recipes and occasionally see passing funny faces but in the end I came up with the right flavors and products.

It is certainly not my intention to make anyone a healthyfreak. I just want to let you get acquainted with a new range of flavors in between but still have room for pure delights. Pure food is for me the food that nature gives us, as it should, unprocessed and pure. In the supermarket, we usually find the processed and refined food as candy, ice cream, cakes, yogurt, sauces, spreads and prepared meals.

Here at Quinta Vale de Marmelos you find pure organic foods that are not sprayed with pesticides, and we are thinking for hours how we can grow our fruits and vegetables on a 'pure' way.


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